Modernizing School Lunch Programs

Whether you are ordering takeout, shopping online, or even dining in at a restaurant, online systems have become the norm. As the world becomes increasingly digital, school lunch programs must adapt. Many school programs are still using cash payments and paper order forms to complete school lunch transactions. These papers can easily be lost and can cause long wait times in the lunch line. Hot Lunch is a school lunch software that allows parents to choose their child’s school lunch choice online and from the comfort of their home. Foodservice providers will receive orders through the same online system and be able to effectively and efficiently manage the school lunches for their school. Bringing school lunch online into the 21st century can save time and money, making both parents and foodservice providers happy.

The Details

When using, parents order their child’s school lunch choice online. They can utilize detailed menus with allergy and nutrition information. They order their child’s school lunch choice on the go by using the hot lunch app. Parents enjoy utilizing an online system with all the information in the same place, minimizing hassle. They will no longer have to worry about their child losing paper order forms or cash on their way to school. Parents are assured that their child will receive their school lunch choice by simply stating their name or ID number.

Foodservice providers will receive the orders and use the system to view and prepare orders. Unlike traditional school lunch programs, the online system will automate mundane tasks and generate reports to help managers better prepare for future orders. For foodservice providers that manage multiple schools, they can use Hot Lunch to streamline decisions across all schools. They can also make customizations for each school that they manage and send mass emails to all parents on the system to provide updates. Many school lunch administrators have been using a classroom-based distribution system to deliver lunches to each student’s classroom. Hot Lunch automates this process, saving administrators time while maintaining social distance.

Why Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch provides a cost-effective approach to taking your school lunch program online. Food service providers can save time managing multiple schools and save the cost of additional employees or resources to help manage school lunches the manual way. Visit to schedule a free demo.